- Do you have sodium contents for your spice blends?

Yes, please read ingredient label.

- Where can I find information about allergy concerns and ingredients?

Please visit hello@farmergirlfresh.com

- What is the best way to store spices?

Spices should be stored in airtight containers. Our jars and bags are good if they are properly stored. Air, heat, and light are the enemies of fresh spices. A dark cabinet or drawer will do. The worst place to keep your spices is above the stove because heat from the oven will destroy essential oils in the spices.

- How are the spices packed?

We offer glass jars and resealable bags for samples. The cap is metal and sealed with plastic.

- Do spices expire?

Spices will lose flavor and color over time, as their volatile oils (from where the aromas and flavors derive) evaporate, but spoiling is not a concern for a majority of our products (exceptions: cheese powders/blends and sesame seeds are recommended to be replaced each year). We do recommend that you use our spices within 6 months to a year for optimal flavor. If your spices are moving beyond the year mark, you're still fine to use them, but you'll find that you're using more to match the original flavor punch. Fresh spices, ground and blended in small batches, are our calling card, so you have our assurance that nothing you buy from us will ever have been sitting on a shelf for months.

- Can I add items to/change items in my order?

Since we do not retain your payment information, for your online security, we are not able to add items to an existing order. You can place a new order for the items you wish to add. If you are looking to remove items for a refund, please contact us at hello@farmergirlfresh.com.